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Where are a few nomination samples?

Some examples of winning nomination forms that have been submitted in the past are provided below. The name of the nominees have been changed. These samples will give you an idea of what the IT Awards Committee will be looking for. Please do not copy the text and use it in your nomination. Thanks.

Sample Individual Nominations

Sample Team Nominations

Nomination Deadlines

The nomination process for the 2018 ceremony will open in August and close in September.

Who Can Submit a Nomination?

Any member of the UNC Chapel Hill community can submit a nomination.

Who is Eligible to Receive an IT Award?

Any UNC Chapel Hill permanent employee serving the University in the area of information technology is eligible for this award.

Contract, temporary, and student employees are not eligible for the award.

Last year's winners are ineligible for nomination this year (the members of the current IT Awards Planning Committee)! If you wish to nominate a team that includes a winner from last year, please do so but do not include that person's name. If, for example, the team consists of two people, please submit an individual nomination for the member of the team who did not win last year. Thanks.

When and Where is the Ceremony

The 25th Annual Information Technology Awards Ceremony will take place in conjunction with the CTC Fall Retreat in October; the date and venue for the CTC Retreat and IT Awards ceremony will be announced soon!

Who Makes up the IT Awards Committee

The current IT Awards Committee is comprised of the previous year's award winners. It is customary that the winners of the preceding year assume the roles of the committee members for the following year. Not only do they review all nominations and select the award recipients, they also plan the ceremony, arrange for a speaker, and acquire plaques and door prizes.