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2019 Award Winners


Congratulations 2019 Winners!

Individual Winners

  • Cox, Jack
  • Harrison, Grant W.
  • Lehew, Ann Gordon
  • Mills, David C.
  • Neve, Ryan H.
  • Williams, Christopher J.
  • Zsuppan, Ferenc

Team Winners

  • Student Affairs Custom Applications and Server Team
    • Riley, Duncan W.
    • Streeter, Charles D.
    • Woodhouse, Diana Knobloch
  • Tableau Implementation
    • Braswell, Stephen R.
    • Casey, Patrick J.
    • Crews, Charles J.
    • Eiselman, David
    • Godehn, John P.
    • Heffner, Bain Lafayette
    • Messick, Bruce Eric
    • Murphy, Patrick G.
    • Rice, Matthew Douglas
    • Szabady, Paul G.
  • UNC Check-in App
    • Bazemore, Julius C.
    • Cook, Garrett Mitchell
    • Fan, Yun
    • Harper, Tim W.
    • Joyner, Jeremiah B.
    • O'Sullivan, Kerry S.
    • Potiny, Suneel
    • Willis, Thomas Ashley