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Information Technology Awards

2013 Award Winners


Congratulations 2013 Winners!

Individual Winners

  • Berrier, Simon S.
  • Cadwell, Suzanne
  • Florio, Christopher N.
  • Gerarden, Keith P.
  • Henshaw, Bob
  • Pyun, Daniel
  • Syed, Younus A.
  • Vavrousek, Mark
  • Wampole, Mark A.
  • White, Brian T.

Team Winners

  • Biostatistics Support Team
    • Hill, David Wayne
    • Zentz, Scott Chandler
  • FRS Year End and 13th Month Team
    • Brower, Alice T.
    • Lunsford, Paula R.
    • Page, Debbie B.
    • Weaver, David P.
  • School of Government Instructional Design Team
    • Gott, Random Thomas
    • Moore, Robert L.
    • Sheffield, Lisa E.
    • Whisenhunt, Gregory Harold

The Awards Ceremony will now be partnered with the CTC Retreat on Oct. 17, 2013.

Nominations are now closed. Congratulations and good luck to all those who were nominated.