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2018 Award Winners


Congratulations 2018 Winners!

Individual Winners

  • Benes, Nicole Michelle
  • Branciforte, Gia Ann
  • Brown, Alan Spencer
  • Fogelsonger, Gina Elizabeth
  • Fulcher, Ryan Thomas
  • Gogan, James Patrick
  • Little, Matthew Ang
  • Murphy, Timothy S.
  • Ramos, Benny
  • Tewell, Zachary Scott

Team Winners

  • Central Leave Pool Implementation Team
    • Dunivant, Kristen Alexis
    • Grogan, Patrick Craig
    • Harris, Victor Prestley
    • Jackson, Crystal
    • Lawless, Christine Kay
    • Wallace, Jeremy F.
  • Eshelman School of Pharmacy IT Team
    • Dombek, David Michael
    • Freeman, Charles Deric
    • Holmes, Porschia Nicole
    • Maldonado, David
    • Pope, Thomas Michael Brent
    • Vogt, William Charles
  • IT Services South Team
    • Kreizman, Leslie M.
    • Moravansky, James Jason
    • Wampole, Mark A.